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  • by is the well known login page for almost all of the TP Link routers. By just entering into this URL from any of your commonly used web browser, you can easily gain the instant access to the admin interface panel of that particular router and make the desired changes.

Once you get through the from your preferred web browser, you will immediately see a login window, provided you will have to ensure that your computer or laptop is connected to a TP Link router. Supposing if it is not connected to the TP Link router, then your web browser will not be able to see the login page. Other than that, you will see a message stating that:

‘To access, your device must be connected to the TP-Link Router’s network.’


If you have assured that you are connected to the TP Link network, then it is as simple as it is. You will already be able to see the login page, and vice versa, you will not be able to see this login page if you are not connected to the TP Link network.

One such advantage of using this TP Link, if you would like to get the access to the login page of your router, it is not that necessary to find out the default gateway address of your router, all you have to do is to just visit

Now, let us look step by step on how to login to the admin panel of your router through this First comes first, you will have to first check if you are connected to the TP Link.

  1. Open any of your favourite browser
  2. Enter this URL in the address bar on top, and hit the Enter button
  3. Next, you will be able to see the login page, wherein you will have to enter the credentials viz., username and password
  4. Now, enter the login credentials for that particular router admin panel
  5. After successful entering, you will be logged in to the admin page of the TP Link wifi router


Well, there might be some cases, wherein you will not be able to access the, due to some conditions. Now, let us look at them one by one.

  1. Your device might be properly connected to the TP Link router, because of which your web browser if unable to load the login page on the page. You have to just ensure that you are connected to the TP Link router and then try connecting once again.
  2. If it still does not get connected, it is better if you connect your computer or laptop via an ethernet.
  3. There might be some unfortunate situations wherein your web browser might have accidently cached this page, which leads to not being able to access it. So, it is recommended to clear your web browser’s history and cache, and then try connecting once again. This should work fine now.


Now, before you could proceed, you would have to make note of certain things, as follows:

  1. Turn off your device, modem and router
  2. Then, connect your modem to the WAN port of the TP Link router via an Ethernet cable.
  3. Lastly, switch on your router and device first, and then switch on the modem.


  1. As the first step, log in to your router’s management page from your preferred web browser
  2. Configure the WAN connection type
  3. Now, enter your PPPoE username and password, that will usually be protected by your ISP
  4. After you have done this, click on Save. Now the router will connect itself to the internet after some time
  5. After waiting for a while, check the WAN status on the Status page. If the IP addresses are the same, then it means that there is connection between the modem and the router

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