Here is the simplified guide on how to change your Wifi Name and Password of Netgear Router. If you would like to change the password, pass phrase or network key of wireless network then check the tutorial of changing the Wifi password. This current article will help you in changing Wifi Name within few minutes and can be done at your end even though you’re not technically sound on this particular category. By viewing or modifying the router name, it would be more convenient to the admin or guest to connect through the network from the group of available services.

When I bought the Netgear router, I wondered on how could I change my Wifi Name. When I learnt it, I finally concluded with an expression “Is that this simple?”. So, let me share the same thing with you all that helps in changing the Wifi name or simply Service Set IDentifier (SSID) of Netgear Wireless Router.

Change your Wireless Network Name (SSID)

Before getting into actual process, do ensure that the computer is connected to the network. It might be either Wired using Ethernet Cable or Wirelessly using default values.

Finding IP Address

It is must to login to router dashboard in order to change or configure something. To do this, we need to have Netgear Router Login IP address which will fetch you the dashboard UI with various options. Follow the steps carefully where we have explained you for different platforms.

For Windows PC, Open command prompt in Administrative rights then type “ipconfig” and hit Enter. In the expanded script, find the label with Default Gateway. The IP address held next to this label is the default IP address that helps to login into the router. We recommend you to use direct-wired connection using Ethernet to ensure that you’re connected.

Getting Admin dashboard

After finding the Internet Protocol (IP) Address, try entering the same by launching a web browser.

Now within few milliseconds you will be prompted to enter the login credentials, which are case sensitive. The default values are

Username: admin

Password: password

The above values won’t work if the user changes the default login details of the Netgear Wifi Router. The only thing to do is to perform factory reset, a process of restoring Netgear Router to factory default settings incase if the user can’t remember the changed password.

Changing SSID Name

Basically there are two interfaces that allow you to change the values of Wifi router. Let me explain both.

Netgear Genie Web Interface: If you have latest version of firmware or router, then you may get the following web user interface. In the basic tab, find “Wireless” label. In the Wireless setup work area, find Name (SSID) and change the Name to desired one then save the settings. That is simple.