• by is a Default IP Address which is the gateway for most of the WiFi routers like Linksys, Tp-Link, NetGear or ADSL modems. is… Read More »

  • by is a private Internet Protocol Address or IP address which is often set as the default IP during the manufacturing of routers. It’s one… Read More »

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An Internet Protocol address is basically a numerical identity that has been specified to a device within a particular network. An IP address generally has… Read More »

  • by is a router wife IP address. Todays all modem producer network connection companies load special software to access the device to manage it. The… Read More »

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If you want to use Wi-Fi, then you should buy a router. A router can spread the internet connection to wireless. For this reason, users… Read More »

  • by IP Address is used by many routers and modems. In several home routers of brands such as Belkin, Linksys use the IP to… Read More »


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Here, we will guide you to setup 192.168.1.l Wireless Network Settings with very easy steps, which we generally use to Configure our Carefully perform… Read More »192.168.l.1

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The routers or modems, like TP-Link, D-Link, and NETGEAR, which are extensively used these days use as the default gateway to login to the… Read More »