All the people who have some basic knowledge about the Internet and its way of working might have heard about the IP Address. This IP Address which is also known by the name Internet Protocol Address can be considered as the backbone of networking throughout the World. Without the IP Address, you cannot use the internet in any of your devices through any mode. So, ultimately you can consider IP Address as another word for Internet. is an IP Address that needs some special mentioning.

Changing WEP/WPA Key of Router using IP Address

  • You must open any browser, we recommend using internet explorer.
  • In the address menu bar type 0r 192.168.2.l which is the default IP address of every router.
  • Click the security option in the menu.
  • Now, enter a strong Key as per your choice.
  • Press Save and Reboot after that.
  • You are done setting up a unique Wep/Wpa key for router.
  • Check it for sure and run the internet connection after it.

How to do Router Login With Admin IP Address

  • You need to click on the browser.
  • Then you have to surf through the page
  • Login Enter the Id and Pass.
  • Change the Settings.
  • Reboot the modem.
  • Clear history and cookies in your browser before accessing the internet.

How to configure your router using

Configuring router has always been a kind of job where many users fail eventually. The router will only work if all the settings and setup are made in a proper manner. Here we are about to share 6 steps to configure your router with the IP address really very quickly. This IP address lets you setup the router network settings according to your needs. Just use this IP whenever you face any kind of problem.

  1. Un box the router and check for other facilitated items
  2. Make proper connections
  3. Connect to computer
  4. Open web browser and type
  5. Enter username and password
  6. connect other devices with PC

Conclusion for Admin Login Online:

You can use the above listed default router login passwords for opening the router admin panel. These Admin passwords are for different router brands. Once you use these Admin Login details you will be able to configure your routers. If you face any issue while making the 192.168.2.l Settings Online you can comment below without any hesitation.